Pastor Michael D. Cameron, Sr.

hi, I'm Michael D. Cameron, Sr.

I had a soul-changing experience in May 1996 when God visited me in the living room of my house. I always knew God had the power to save and deliver me but I had no idea that was my night. He talked to me and I began to repent and ask him to save me and deliver me from all the sins I had committed and he did just that. I have not been the same since that night.

In 1997 after being saved for a year I got the word down on the inside of me and began to witness the ones that were where I used to be. Street ministry was my passion, we would stand outside the local bars and clubs and pray. We prayed until the bars left the business and had to close their doors. These bars had been in business for over 30 years. We had prostitutes and drug dealers coming to us asking us to pray for and with them. It was not uncommon for them to fall to their knees and begin to cry. The group of young people that witnessed on the streets with me also assisted in starting a home prayer meeting every Monday. We would travel from home to home anointing our homes and our families and praying for our local churches that God would send people, save people and deliver people.

I accepted my calling as a minister in 1997, I became affiliated with Shilom Ministries and was ordained as an Elder in 1998. This opened many doors to other churches outside of my current denomination. I soon began to travel and evangelize in various churches (several denominations) across the United States. I traveled several times a year until God called me to Pastor in 2006.

I was a licensed minister in the Church of God in Christ from 1997 – 2002. I received my ordination as an Elder in March 2002. Attended Kingsway Theological Seminary and earned my associate degree in Theology (2000 – 2002). I have run every auxiliary in the church from Sunday school / Sunday school superintendent, youth pastor, evangelist president, missions president, and young people willing worker president. I have been and will always remain a faithful choir member. I sing on the praise team at my local church as well as when visiting other churches; I am truly a praiser at heart.

I heard the call of God to Pastor in Feb 2006, I started in my house. It was just my immediate family. We quickly outgrew my living room. People began to attend the small short “services” and would enjoy it and invite someone the next week. I and a few friends went back to the streets and began to draw the lost. We started praying for a building and God sent a man to my door. He was from another denomination that was looking for a worker in the ministry he was starting in Des Moines. After hearing I had accepted the call to Pastor and was looking for a building he offered me his old church that was placed in his hands. We rented the building from 2006-2008 and purchased it for $160,000 we had a 15-year mortgage but paid the building off in less than 5 years (2013). Our first church would seat around 120 people. On any given Sunday we would have 130-160 people packed in there. We began looking for a new church and

purchased a new church in July 2013. Our new church seats over 400 and is 10,000 sq feet. Revival Center currently has 220 members of record and God is adding to the ministry weekly.

God has blessed me with a five-fold ministry according to Ephesians 4:11-12 “11And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; 12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ”.

I served as the Iowa Church of God in Christ (COGIC) Jurisdictional Coordinator (JC) for the Church of God in Christ Urban Initiatives (CUI) from 2014-2017. CUI is an initiative that was implemented by our Presiding Bishop Charles E Black. The five key initiatives are education, economic development, crime prevention, family life, and financial literacy. Revival Center was the first church in Iowa to become certified for CUI. We have areas in our church that address the five key initiatives. Tutoring once a week, free of charge open to members and non-members. We have resume writing assistance, we have job postings each week. Once a month we pray in the neighborhoods and walk from door to door to invite people to church. Men of Valor meet on Monday evenings once a month to build strong young men by the leading of more experienced men. Financial classes are offered once a month, and credit counseling is by appointment. The vision of COGIC Urban Initiatives is to build healthy individuals, families, and communities for a successful future one church at a time. We have assisted several families who lost their loved ones to a homicide that didn’t have the means to bury their loved ones. Revival Center has offered the use of our sanctuary and fellowship hall for numerous funerals of families that did not have church homes. It is my desire to see as many saints of the almighty God reach their potential in Christ.

I am looking for the opportunity to apply my life experience to obtain accreditation to enable me to teach and instruct. We are living in a dying world and people are dying because of a lack of knowledge. When people truly get the word of God in their hearts they will not sin against it and they will tell someone. When God truly comes into your heart and touches your life you cannot keep that a secret. God’s love is so powerful and he is so forgiving you will want to spread the good news about how he saved, healed, and delivered you. Wouldn’t you agree”?